Procircuit Closed Cell Insert V2 Black (x4) Bulk



(inclusief BTW)

Om nog scherpere prijzen te kunnen bieden maken we gebruik van bulk verpakking, hierdoor worden er 4 losse/onverpakte inserts geleverd.

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This is the Procircuit Closed Cell Insert intended for use with the PCY0103 and PCY0103-W wheels. This black closed cell inserts have been designed to boost and maximise Procircuit tire and wheel performance. Inserts have grooved lines on the outside and have the right size to perfectly fit the tire inner carcass providing a better response and feel. The inside has larger grooves to better absorb impacts and bumps without sacrifying stability or forward traction. Testing has shown great results with a more predictable handling and easier to drive car.

The inserts are light-weight, water resistant, made of durable material that can be reused and fits the majority of 1:8 buggy tires you can find on the market.

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