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DasMikro Transponder for Robitronic Lap Counter System RC Car Parts for ROBITRONIC TRANSPONDER Transponder
For Vehicle Type: Cars
Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: Transponder
Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys
Upgrade Parts/Accessories: Transponder
Four-wheel Drive Attributes: Transponder
RC Parts & Accs: Connectors/Wiring
With the extremly small and lightweight transponder a modelcar owns a worldwide unique ID number. If a car equipped with it crosses the start/finish line, the transponder signal with the ID number will be recognized and processed by the receiver-module in the loop bridge.
The lap-counting-system can process any number of transponders at the same time, not depending on the number of receiver-modules used on the loop-bridge. The number of receiver-modules much more depends on the width of the track under the bridge. The provided software, when installed on a PC, can be used for practice runs right away.
Package Contents: 1*Transponder
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