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SRT Low Profile Coreless HV 11.0kg/0.06sec @7.4V [CH7012]


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Artikelnummer: CH7012 Categorie: EAN: 6969007001219
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– Ideal for 1/10 on road scale applications,  as well as large scale airplanes and jets
– incredible efficiency and low power consumption
– Titanium & Alu gears for precision and durability
– Standard dimension make it perfect for vehicles that can benefit from a high quality servo
– CNC Machined aluminium case for exceptional cooling
– HD 4096 Resolution
– 2 μsec Dead Band
– Superior Holding Torque

Application : 
1/10 on-road, 1/10 off-road as well as large scale airplanes and jets


Type: Digital
Bearing: Dual
Motor Type: Coreless
Gear Type: Metal
Gear Material: Titanium & Alu
control system: pulse width control
working frequency: 1520μs / 330hz
operating voltage: dc6.0-8.4v
operating temperature range: -10 to + 60 degree
operating speed (6.0v): 0.07 sec/60 degrees at no load
operating speed (7.4v): 0.06 sec/60 degrees at no load
operating speed (8.4v): 0.057 sec/60 degrees at no load
stall torque (6.0v): 9.0kg.cm (124.9 oz/in)
stall torque (7.4v): 11.0kg.cm (152.8 oz/in)
stall torque (8.4v): 12.0kg.cm (166.6 oz/in)
potentiometer drive: direct drive
dimensions: 41.0×20.0x26.4 mm /1.61×0.79×1.04 in
weight: 52.0g (1.83 oz)
connector wire length: jr 180 mm

The latest generation of SRT  servos provides you with the performance you need for any scale vehicle Air PlaneBoatRobot application. are standard size servos for High-Voltage applications up to 8.4V, feature all metal case construction for the ultimate performance.

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