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Doyono offers high-quality servos at a low price. This powerful, high-voltage servo up to 60kgcm and brushless motor has a titanium steel gear and a weatherproof aluminum housing. As a result, it ensures the right performance and thus also a lot of driving pleasure.


  • High Voltage Servo
  • Gears made of durable titanium and steel
  • Lightweight aluminum housing
  • Very weather resistant
  • Operating Voltage: 6.0-8.4V
  • 2µs dead band, 1520µs neutral point
  • 180mm connection wire length

Technical Specifications:

Voltage: 6.0V 8.4V
Speed: 0.096sec 0.068sec
Torque: 46.0kgcm 60.0kgcm
Motor: Brushless
Gear: Titanium / Steel
Bearing: yes, dual
Max. Travel: ~100° (bei 800: 2200µs)
Quiescent Current: 60mA @6.0V
Rated Current: 0.2A @6.0V
Blocking Current: 3.6A @6.0V
Dimensions: 40.7×20.5×38.9mm
Weight: 84.0g
Output Gear: 25T
Application: 1/8 On-Road and Off-Road
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