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These CNC-manufactured aluminum servo arms are not only connected to the servo via the mounting screw from above, but also with an Allen screw on the side. With this screw, the servo arm is clamped to the output shaft and ensures maximum support. Another advantage is that it is now 100% backlash-free connected to the servo, which results in a more direct linkage and also relieves the gear.

Technical specifications:

Total length servo arm: 35mm
Arm thickness: 4mm
Thickness of the arm on the servo side: 6mm
Offset for servo gear: 3mm
Thickness of the arm on the linkage side: 7mm
Mounting holes: M3 (2 pcs.)
Hole distance mounting holes to the middle: 20mm (hole 1) / 24mm (hole 2)

Suitable for:

Servos with 25 tooth ring gear / output shaft
E.g.: Futaba / ThunderTiger / Savöx / Hitec

Scope of delivery:

1x anodized single arm servo lever 25 teeth
2x Allen screws

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