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Intellect PT2 6400mAh 120C 15.2V High Power Graphene Shorty 1/8 Pack LiHV


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Artikelnummer: IP-BG4S6400PT2 Categorie: EAN: 4052133017628
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The Intellect PT2 Platinum Series is the latest development from the leading manufacturer of lithium batteries in the rc car market. Their latest Silicone-Graphene technology offers improved runtime and improved power output over the whole runtime.


– Capacity: 6400mAh

– Nominal Voltage: 15.2V / 4S

– Discharge-Rate: 120C

– Cell Type: Silicon-Graphene Lithium-Polymer

– Length: 98.0mm

– Width: 46.5mm

– Height: 48.0mm

– Weight: 446g

– Plug: 5mm

– Balancer-Plug: XH

Charging and storage instructions:

Never store your batteries fully charged and or fully discharged. We recommend to store the batteries at the nominal voltage of the battery. We also recommend to use the batteries regulary, if you don’t go to the track, then cycle them once every two weeks. The batteries must not be stored in direct sunlight, this also includes your car during a hot summer day. For a long lifetime of your batteries we recommend a charging rate of 1C. A higher charging rate will decrease the lifetime of your battery significantly.

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