Ultimate Graphene HV LCG Lipo Shorty 5800 Mah 7.6v 120c 4mm


EAN: 8435127310961 SKU: UR4442

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Levertijd: 3 - 7 dagen

This is the 7.6v. 5800mAh 120C Ultimate Racing Silicon Graphene HV Shorty LiPo Battery Pack with 5mm connection. The Silicon Graphene HV Shorty LiPo Battery is a great battery option for any racer looking for a high power and capacity, shorty style battery. The HV Shorty is lighter than a standard shorty pack, with a massive increase in capacity. This makes it an ideal pack for 2WD and 4WD modified racing, or stock class racers that want optimum voltage for the entire run. This pack is also a great choice for 1/8 e-buggies that want to run a lightweight 2x2S saddle pack configuration

Capacity: 5800mAh

Voltage: 7.6V (2S)

Dimensions (mm): 95x47x25

C-Rates: 120C

Weight: 218g

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