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SkyRC Toro Program Box for Toro ESC



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The SkyRC Program Box is a very sophisticated and high-quality electronic device with a high-performance microprocessor. It has a very compact design and still offers numerous functions such as these six for programming, connecting or checking devices.

– 1. speed controller settings
– 2nd PC interface – speed controller to PC
– 3. input PPM signal display
– 4th Servo Tester
– 5. motor KV/Umin tester
– 6th LiPo battery meter

The device has a two-line LCD display with 16 characters each which is easy to understand and read. It has 4 buttons on the front panel with which all functions can be operated and set. All connections such as USB, motor sensor, servo and battery balancer connectors are located on the side of the program box.

speed controller programming
In order to program the speed controller precisely and in detail, we recommend the connection to the PC, but this is not always possible and for this reason there is the Program Box. With the box, all parameters can be set easily, quickly and clearly, simply connect the box to the controller.

PC interface – speed controller to PC PC
The Program Box can also be used as SkyLINK, a USB adapter to connect the speed controller and PC. The firmware can then be updated via the PC or the controller can be programmed with the SkyLINK software.

PPM signal display
With this menu item you can check the output voltage of the receiver and the PPM signal width as well as the frequency of the remote control.

Servo Tester
Thanks to this function, remote control no longer needs to be switched on to test the servos. Simply connect the servo to the program box and receive information on the input voltage, servo paths and voltage peaks. There are two modes, a so-called “Swing Mode” and a manual mode, both are very easy to use.

KV/Umin motor tester
Are you wondering about the performance of your engine? Then check the values of your motor with this function. Connect the motor to the program box, accelerate with the remote control and check the values such as KV, rpm or the input voltage on the display.

LiPo battery meter
The Program Box is also ideal for checking LiPo batteries quickly and easily, no matter where. The number of cells, the total voltage, the voltage of the individual cells as well as the highest and lowest voltage can be read out.

Technical Data:
– Dimensions (LxWxH): 85 x 48,5 x 11,8mm
– Input voltage (controller setup): 6-10VDC
– Input current (controller setup): 500mA
– No-load current (controller setup): <20mA
– Operating temperature: 0-40ºC
– Storage temperature: -10 – 60 ºC
– Operating humidity: 10 – 90%RH
– Storage humidity: 20 – 75%RH
– Protection class: IP20
– Weight: 40g

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