Nitrolux Race Off Road 25% (5 liter)


Nitrolux Race Off Road 25% (5 liter)

Nitrolux Race Off Road 25% (5 liter)


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This is the Nitrolux 25% off road Race Edition. This Race Edition formula is an evolution of the well-known Energy formula that is helping many international drivers to achieve great results at the most demanding international RC events.

This Race Edition formula adds new oil formulas specially developed by the Modelix Racing R&D team. The result is a more efficient fuel for high competition that provides more power, better performance and engine stability, as well as a lower fuel consumption compared to the Energy formula.

Aspect: Translucent gold liquid

Packaging: 5L black plastic bottles/jerricans. Excellent barrier for U.V. rays. According to current legislation with tactile indicator for blind people, child security caps and product information printed on the bottle/jerrican.

Composition: Methanol CH3OH, Nitromethane CH3NO2, synthetic oil with additives, and castor oil.

Nitromethane purity: > 99,95%

Application: Off-Road cars – TRAINING AND COMPETITION

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